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St Michaels Association for Special Education

Ya'at'teeh (Greetings) from St. Michaels Association for Special Education

Therapy Department

 In therapy we see our students on a group and individual basis depending on their needs. Our focus is to promote communication and learning using various sensory based activities, adapted curriculum and assistive technology to keep the students engaged in the learning process. Pictures are used to follow a schedule, to make choices and to request items for all tasks. Therapeutic equipment is used to get the students alert and ready to work as well as to challenge their motor planning, balance and strength. Using switches, pre-recorded verbal output devices and pictures all students can participate regardless of disability. We strive for each student to function at his or her optimal potential in the classroom and in the world. At this time we run sensory motor groups and a social skills group for our students.
Therapy also plays a big part in keeping wheel chairs and adaptive equipment such as shower chairs and toilet chairs in working order. Therapy orders new equipment as needed, and if the student is a resident of SMASE they are involved in scheduling and attending wheel chair clinics and Ortho appointments. Therapy trains education staff, residential staff, and day treatment staff in skills needed for employment at SMASE to assure proper care.

The SMASE News


Several of our students work on their communication skills by being anchors for our morning news program, the SMASE News. These students report on the lunch menu, sports, current or cultural news and much more! Our news program is adaptive- using switches, pictures and other communication devices to allow students to get the most out of it, while gaining confidence from seeing themselves on camera and sharing it with friends.