PO Box 100, St. Michaels, AZ 86511, US
St Michaels Association for Special Education

Ya'at'teeh (Greetings) from St. Michaels Association for Special Education


Michelle Spencer- Executive Director

Phone: 928-871-2800

Email address: mspencer@smase.org

Rita Hubbell- HR Manager

Phone: 928-871-2807

Email address: rhubbell@smase.org

Samantha Bill- Administrative Assistant

Phone: 928-871-2801

Email address: sbill@smase.org

Sami Rapp- IT Technician

Phone: 928-871-2811

Email address: sami.rapp@smase.org

Lolita Tsosie- Direct Mail Funding Coord.

Phone: 928-871-2843

Email address: ltsosie@smase.org

Accounting Department

Valerie Spencer- Business Operation Director

Phone: 928-871-2806

Email address: vspencer@smase.org

Sarah Hubbell- Accounting Manager

Phone: 928-871-2806

Email address: vspencer@smase.org

Regina Smith- Payroll Technician

Phone: 928-871-2804

Email address: regina.smith@smase.org

Grace Nakaidinae- Accounts Payable Technician

Phone: 928-871-2809

Email address: gnakaidinae@smase.org

Lahomah Bahe- General Accountant

Phone: 928-871-2802

Email address: lahomah.bahe@smase.org

Virlencia Begay- Accounts Receivable Technician

Phone: 928-871-2354

Email address: v.begay@smase.org

Residential Department

Helene Hubbard- Residential Director

Phone: 928-871-2823

Email address: hhubbard@smase.org

Henrietta Bia- Residential Supervisor

Phone: 928-871-2824

Email address: hbia@smase.org

Christine Curtis- Residential Supervisor

Phone: 928-871-2825

Email address: ccurtis@smase.org

Shannon Wauneka- Compliance Technician

Phone: 928-871-2826

Email address: swauneka@smase.org

Kandis Spencer- Residential Admin Assistant

Phone: 928-871-4872

Email address: kspencer@smase.org

Transportation and Maintenance Department

Transportation Office

Phone: 928-871-2818

Email address:

Leroy White- Transportation Supervisor

Phone: 928-871-2862

Email address: lwhite@smase.org

Education Department

Jim Conner- Education Director

Phone: 928-871-2810

Email address: jconner@smase.org

Mary Blackmountain- Family Services Coordinator

Phone: 928-871-2813

Email address: mblackmountain@smase.org

Larry Curtis- Social Services/ Special Olympics Coord.

Phone: 928-871-2899

Email address: lcurtis@smase.org

Brianna Begay- Education Secretery

Phone: 928-871-2812

Email address: bbegay3@smase.org


Rise Classroom

Teacher- Abby Rieker

Email address: abby.rieker@smase.org

Multisensory Classroom

Teacher- Jessie Gross

Email address: jessie.gross@smase.org

Learning Support Classroom

Teacher- Michael Jaeger

Email address: michael.jaeger@smase.org

Day Time Adult Treatment and Training Classroom

Supervisor- Peggy Cleveland

Email address: pcleveland@smase.org

Supervisor- Kyle Rodgers 

Email address: kyle.rodgers@smase.org

Related Services

Dalinda Cantu'- Registered Nurse

Phone: 928-871-2821

Email address: dcantu@smase.org

Dawn Moyer- Occupational Therapist

Phone: 928-871-2822

Email address: dmoyer@smase.org

Kameo Benally- Speech Pathology Assistant

Phone: 928-871-2822

Email address: kameo.benally@smase.org

Anita Denetdeel- Food Services Supervisor

Phone: 928-871-2819

Email address: adenetdeel@smase.org